TIck tock -05/10/2016

I see it has been almost a month since I went to Bodega Bay to check out the wildflowers and planned to go back in a week or so.  It has been cloudy and not inviting.  I hope to go in a few days ...

That's a lot of cactus.

John's Visit -05/25 - 05/30/2016

Several things on his list of things to do were for National Historic Sites and State Parks.

Fort Ross Historic State Park -05/26/2016

Strange plants.  The first one is a pomegranate tree.  I'm sorry I don't know what the other two are.  I googled "fruit that looks like tennis ball" and got osage orange.  that would be one bumpy tennis ball.

Olompali State Historic Park - 05/29/2016

Redwood Hill Farm -05/22/2016

Always a fun day here romping with the goats and tasting cheese.

Bell in the cupola

Salt Point State Park -05/26/2016

Vallejo Houses -05/25/2016

A view from the trail overlooking the Petaluma River.

Helen Putnam -05/09/2016

It's cloudy these days.  I wasn't motivated to go to the park but felt better once I got there.  This place always picks me up. 

Is June gloom coming early this year due to El Nino??

I don't know what the flower is on the right.  I have not seen it here before.

Eugene O'Neill's Tao House and grounds - 05/28/2016

at the Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site in Danville.

More pics to come, although they will have to compete with goat pics.  Redwood Hill farm has an open house tomorrow.

American Graffiti - 05/21/2016

I had a fun day walking around downtown Petaluma for the salute to American Graffiti. 

What's New

Rosie the Riverter -05/30/2016

National Historic Park in Richmond was interesting.  There is a museum and a short movie to watch. The General Warehouse is in the vacinity and has nothing to do with Rosie.



John Muir house and grounds -05/28/2016

at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez.  Funny, I was surprised to see his house, as I have only envisioned him on a trail.