Octopus Gardens has bee hives.  Shortly before I got there, a queen split off and this nest was built in about 45 minutes.  That's a lot of bees in the nest!

Farm Trails -04/30/2016

It was a fun weekend visiting farms that were open with  the Farm Trails organization.

The cows are the neighbor's.  The heifers all decided to sprint to the other side of the pasture.

I went through Freestone on the way to Sebastopol.  Pics of the barn and flowers behind the bakery.  I picked up a loaf of bread and a delicious scone.

What's New

Octopus Garden truly does have everyone living together (in one pasture) in harmony - alpacas, goats, pigs, ducks, chickens, bees, etc..

Lynn's Lavender has a shop with many lavender products along with lots of other 'stuff'.  I bought vanilla lavender lotion.  Her landscape is filled with flowers and there is a vineyard.  But instead of taking pics of that, what do I do but go in the broiling hot drying shed.  It is not drying season but it was fun looking around.  I liked the old candy stand.  I have not heard of "Now & Later" candy.

The lavender is not in bloom yet.  I hope to go back for the harvest and see the drying shed in use.

First up Sunday morning was Pug's Leap Creamery, on White Whale Farm.  We got a tour of the grounds and barn and goat cheese samples.

First up was Twisted Horn Ranch just outside Petaluma.  I assume this is the only place with longhorns in the North Bay.  It is yet another scenic setting with friendly hosts and is a fun place to hang around.

Today is Friday.  I barely got the Farm Trails photos posted before it is time for the next farm visit.  Redwood Hill Farm has a farm tour tomorrow.  That is always fun.  You're on your own to visit with the goats.  There are most likely newborns now.  And they have samples of most of their products. 

I have not opened the goat cheese from Pug's Leap last Saturday and I'll buy some goat cheese tomorrow.  I will also plan for one of their goat milk yogurts for a lunch break during the tour.

Saturday note - this is a rarity for this area in May - the Redwood Hill tour is canceled due to rain!!  It is open again in two weeks, I'll try for that.  That is almost as fun, with the goats two weeks older.

I don't remember what kind of pig this is but I have not seen one before!