Arriving at the Ferry Building.

Jacuzzi vineyards is nearby and I had not been there.  We have been across the road at Cline, their sister vineyard.  Jacuzzi has an interesting building and about the largest gift shop I've seen.  I got a postcard for a friend.  It seemed silly to pay for just a postcard so I picked up a bottle on sale.

They are out in the yard.

Walking along the bay south of the ferry building

S pups at 6 weeks chewing and sleeping

Puppy Petting -06/15/2016

Pink sky and rainbow - 10/16/2016

We got rain yesterday.  I happened to look out at the right time last night for the rainbow.

Mt. Tamalpais as we're leaving Larkspur.

Fall in the vineyards.  The trite, rhetorical question is 'what happened to summer in the vineyards?'

T pups at 4 weeks sleeping

Taking the Larkspur ferry was fun.

Jacuzzi Vineyards - 10/06/2016

 I read in the paper a couple of days ago that Viansa was the site for filming  for a Mexican soap opera.  I had not heard of it and figured it must be scenic.  It was nice with lots of areas for events, but not spectacular.  It is in the Carneros area.

What's New

It's fun petting 2 litters at the same time. 

Russian River Valley - 09-23-2016

Schug Winery - 10/19/2016

My cousin told me his wife likes Schug wine so I thought it would be a good destination.  I have not been by it before, it is well hidden down a small road.   The road is at a 4 way stop, which I always thought was a 3 way stop with a parking lot for the deli.  

Passing San Quentin.

Who is that behind those Foster Grants?

Viansa Vineyards -10/06/2016

San Francisco - 09/14/2016

Across the road.

Helen Putnam Park -06/09/2016

Today's Harvest - 06/17/2016

We were just ambling around downtown.  I wish we had known about the sinking Millenium Tower at the time.  We probably saw it in the distance not knowing what to look for.  And we were on Mission within a block or two of it.  It is at 301 Mission St., a 58 story building completed in 2009.  It is in the news now, having sunk 16".