5/23 update - oh, those are not tiny grapes.  That is the flower to be.  Not a pretty flower, but interesting.  Grapes to come soon.

The vines are taking over.  They are to the top of the fence and attaching to the escalonias.  I guess I'll do some trimming today.

Just nibbling

Redwood Hill Farm - 05/09/2015- had an open house today.  Two day old goats were out.  This is a hands on adventure.  They also have lots of cheese & yogurt to taste and buy. 

The grape vines are out of control.  I'm happy to have tiny grapes starting.  I planted them last year.

The poppies have taken over the yard.  I planted a very small patch on the hillside last year.  They spread like crazy.  I'm happy with them but am pretty sure I won't be happy once the blooms are done and I'm left with a lot of dead foliage.

The same story in the front yard. 

My yard -05/05/2015

Another Western screech owl

Red tailed hawk

Western screech owl


Santa Rosa Bird Rescue Center

Barn on the drive home.

An old livestock auction building nearby.

There were a couple of other open houses that day.  A new art coop had an open house in an area of Santa Rosa I had not been to before.  It was an interesting area.

Green Star Farm in Sebastopol

I'm just starting to pick the photos to go here and it's a tough job because I have soooo many goat pictures.  I don't want to overdue it because I'm going to Redwood Hill farm open house Saturday and they are all goats.

They milk 1000 cows.  it is a nonstop operation.

McClelland's Dairy in Petaluma

One more farm to go and raptors at a bird rescue operation...

I have to go outside and get some sunshine now.

I'm vegetarian and told the farm host that I let the meat chicks out.  She didn't believe me.

A couple of handsome roosters.

Old Seeder Farm in Petaluma is mostly about free range chickens.  They have a few sheep who trim the field where the chickens are going next.

That's Margie, our host.  The llama does not like to be touched, but does nuzzle.

The turkeys were the friendliest I've ever seen.  Margie said one likes to sit on your lap.  I didn't sit down in the paddock, but he did try to 'sit' on my back as I was kneeling to take a photo.  They like to be pet.

Fryer Creek Farm in Sonoma has quite the managerie of rescue animals.  They all get along and roam in one big area.

Farm tours -05/02/2015

Several farms were open this weekend with the Farm Trails organization.  I visited four.  I planned to visit many more, but had so much fun at a couple of them, I ran out of time & energy.  It was enough for me.

This is the most fun shot of the two days.  The pocket buddy is Peepers, a Silkie hen at Fryer Creek farm in Sonoma.

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