Not so mighty Mt. Gaylor

The next stop was just around the bend at Tenaya Lake.

Sierras, continued -08/26/2015

Adding pics of small wildlife from the trip below.  Two along the trails, one not.

Quite the pleasant lunch spot

Sierras -08/10/2015, 5 days

Just back from a glorious 6 day trip to the Sierras to do some hiking and photoing.

Cairo keeps a cool head -  07/30/2015

It has been hot here, up to 90.

Tuesday we hiked the Gems Lakes trail near Tom's Place.  The Gems Lakes (upper, lower) were the destination but there was one scenic lake after another along the way.

View of the Minarets from Mammoth Lakes.

Dillon Beach -  07/24/2015

I took pics of the rocks, went for a walk on the beach, then sat here to ponder for a few minutes.  Nice day!

What's New

Helen Putnam Park -07/09/2015

It was a cool, cloudy day.  I almost had the place to myself.

Wednesday we drove around the Mammoth Lakes and had a quiet day.

Helen Putnam Park -07/20/2015

There wasn't much going on at the park today so I was glad to catch sight of the deer.

Thursday we hiked the Gaylor Lakes trail in Yosemite just west of the high country entrance.

Monday we drove through Yosemite high country over Tioga Pass.  The first stop was Olmsted Point, granite, granite, granite.

Friday at the Alabama Hills.  The 40mph wind made the 103 degree temperature tolerable.